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A sweet savour and filling food for children who are fussy eaters and elders both,a complete meal in itself can drizzle some honey or maple syrup.


  • 1/2 cup mashed banana
  • 3/4 cup rice (chawal)
  • 1/4 cup urad dal (split black lentils)
  • 1/2 tsp fenugreek (methi) seeds
  • 2 tbsp powdered sugar
  • salt to taste
  • ghee for cooking
  • 8 tsp grated coconut


1. Soak the rice, urad dal and fenugreek seeds in enough water in a deep bowl for 3 hours. Drain well.

2. Blend in a mixer to smooth paste using approx. ¾ cup of water.

3. Transfer the mixture into a deep bowl and keep aside. Add the salt and mix well.

4. Cover with a lid and ferment in a warm place for 10 to 12 hours.

5. Once the batter is fermented, add the bananas and sugar and mix well.

6. Heat a non-stick tava (griddle), sprinkle a little water on the tava (griddle) and wipe it off gently using a cloth.

7. Pour a ladleful of the batter on the tava (griddle), spread in a circular motion to make a 125 mm. (5″) thick uttapa and cook on a medium flame for 2 minutes.

8. Smear little ghee evenly all over, sprinkle 1 tsp of coconut and cook on a medium flame for 2 minutes.

9. Turn over and cook on the other side till it turns light brown in colour.

Curated By Dt. Vidhhi Mehtaa